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Family Law

Family issues are complex and often contentious. James Strupe Law brings people together, educates them about options under the law, helps them identify common concerns and goals, and guides them into a negotiated settlement with which all parties are satisfied.

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Pre- or Postnuptial Agreements


No one enters into a marriage contemplating divorce, but that is how marriages sometimes end. Dividing assets and liabilities through a prenuptial agreement is profoundly less difficult when people are enamored with one another. 


Prenuptial agreements also ensure that couples will discuss their personal finances (including income, assets, and debts) before getting married - which helps the couple avoid financial surprises later in their life together.

Jim is skilled at drafting enforceable agreements in contemplation of marriage and negotiating agreements after the fact.

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Even if you and your spouse are parting amicably, divorce is a complicated process. If private mediation cannot reasonably solve the issues in your case, Jim is prepared to aggressively litigate on your behalf.

If you are thinking about divorce, please schedule an appointment as soon as possible.


Separating affects legal rights to property, custody of children, and implicates both spousal and child support - whether receiving support or the obligation to pay.

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Child Custody


When your divorce involves children, it is incredibly important to enlist the help of a child custody attorney. Jim advises his clients on the law regarding parental rights and duties as well as the likely outcome should an issue be submitted to the court. Jim is skilled at negotiating an agreement that meets or exceeds expectations.

In the event that the court is called upon to settle a child custody issue, Jim is skilled at advocating for his clients and ensuring custody orders are enforced.

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Child Support

When parents go separate ways, they must ensure children are cared for. Child support guidelines determine the appropriate amount a parent should pay, but circumstances often warrant adjustment.

Jim is knowledgeable about the adjustment of these guidelines and will be helpful whether you seek support or are expected to pay.

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Spousal Support & Alimony


Spouses owe a duty of support to one another. Jim will ensure your spouse meets his or her obligation.


While the duty of support ceases upon divorce, circumstances may require post-divorce spousal support, known as alimony.


Whatever side of the issue you're on, Jim will advocate for your position.

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Providing an adoptive home for a child is a rewarding, wonderful goal, but navigating the legal process of adoption can often be a stressful and complicated endeavor. However, for James Strupe Law, adoption is among the most satisfying of issues to resolve.


Jim can help you meet your legal requirements, understand your rights, and complete the process as quickly and efficiently as possible for all types of adoption cases - including those that are uncontested, contested, private, through an agency, and for alternate family members or step-parents.

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Termination of Parental Rights


Circumstances may require termination of a parent’s rights, often in connection with an adoption.


While a parent may voluntarily relinquish rights for this purpose, Jim is skilled at convincing the court to terminate parental rights and is equally skilled at defending against such actions.

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Family members and unrelated persons are sometimes called upon to care for those unable to care for themselves. Adults become incapacitated, incapacitated children become adults, and parents may be unable to care for children for a number of reasons.


Circumstances may require the establishment and administration of a guardianship, for which Jim will provide the expertise required.

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Protection from Abuse


One in three women and one in four men throughout the United States have experienced some form of domestic violence.


If you are a victim of domestic abuse, do not be ashamed. You are not alone. You deserve a safe and happy life, and Jim can help you obtain an order of protection against your abuser.

Jim will also defend against entry of a protection from abuse order where claims against you are unwarranted.


If you have a legal problem not mentioned above, please request a consultation.

Should you have a problem not listed herein, reach out to us. James Strupe Law will provide insight, alert you to professionals qualified to solve the problem, and may suggest a solution that requires no legal services.

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